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Walden Care

Walden Care is more than just a business; it’s a family. We value each of our team members as integral parts of the Walden family. Our central management team takes pride in their visible and close connection to the homes, ensuring that all staff can reach out to any level at any time.

This culture of familial support extends to our residents, who quickly become cherished members of our extended family. They receive the same level of care and respect that we would provide to our own loved ones.

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Broome Park

Betchworth, Surrey

Broome Park is a true home away from home. Our exceptional team consistently goes above and beyond to ensure residents receive unwavering kindness and excellent care. Located in Betchworth, Surrey, amidst 11 acres of stunning grounds in the Surrey area of outstanding natural beauty, Broome Park offers exceptional elderly nursing and residential care. We can accommodate 54 residents in two buildings. The Main House, a 17th-century residence, features bright rooms and ornate period details, while Stable Cottage offers the same high level of care in a quieter and more tranquil setting, often preferred by residents who appreciate a more reflective pace of life.

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Holywell Park

Sevenoaks, Kent

Nestled in the scenic countryside of Sevenoaks, Kent, Holywell Park is a charming 17th-century country house. Embraced by two acres of picturesque Kent countryside, Holywell Park takes immense pride in upholding exceptional care standards. The residence boasts beautifully preserved period rooms and expansive, stunning gardens, providing a serene environment for our 51 residents.

Our dedicated team is committed to offering a comprehensive range of care services, tailored to the unique needs of each individual. This includes residential care, nursing care, respite care, and specialised support for residents living with dementia. At Holywell Park, we strive to create a warm and supportive community where residents can live comfortably and enjoy the beauty of the Kent countryside.

Our purpose

Our purpose

Our purpose is clear: to ensure our residents enjoy a safe and joyful life, supported by a compassionate and skilled team. We hold these values dear, and you can trust that you or your loved one will be treated like a cherished member of our own family. We prioritise attentive listening and personalised care, honouring individual needs and warmly considering all wishes.

Our mission

Our mission

Our unwavering commitment at Walden Care encompasses several key principles. We continually listen and take action to help both our residents and staff achieve their personal goals. Every day is imbued with meaning and purpose for all, and our approach is rooted in kindness and respect toward everyone we meet. We strive to ensure that residents, staff, family, and friends all feel valued and included within our homes. Our dedication to ongoing learning and growth is aimed at maintaining a safe and secure service. Above all, we promote independence and encourage individuals to make choices that are meaningful to them.

Our values

Our values

Our core values at Walden Care revolve around key principles. We strongly believe in offering choices to empower our residents, preserving their dignity in every aspect of care, fostering an inclusive environment for all, and actively promoting independence as a fundamental aspect of our approach.

Our Care

In our homes, 24-hour NMC registered nurses are always on-site, dedicated to meeting all of our residents’ needs, whether known or newly emerging conditions. This skilled nursing team receives strong support from well-trained Senior Carers, Carers, and ancillary staff, ensuring comprehensive care and attention at all times.

Professionalism and Care

At Walden Care, resident care and well-being take centre stage in our approach. We consider our residents as family, and our focus is to always prioritise their welfare. Beyond meeting basic care needs safely, we maintain a vibrant seven-day-a-week activity program, led by our residents themselves. Laughter, creativity, and stimulation are integral to daily life, whether in large groups, small gatherings, or one-to-one interactions, ensuring inclusivity for all.

Our strong connections with local GPs and healthcare professionals facilitate seamless collaboration. With our highly trained nurses available 24/7, we ensure that nursing needs are met promptly and unexpected medical concerns are handled with utmost care and efficiency.

Activities and Events

In our homes, dedicated teams are wholly committed to enriching our residents’ lives with a diverse range of activities. We tailor activities to suit individual personalities, offering both large and small group interactions, as well as focused one-on-one sessions. These resident-led activities encompass outings, quizzes, arts and crafts, school and theatre performances, beauty sessions, music, pet therapy, and celebratory events like birthday parties. Our goal is to enhance the overall well-being of our residents, and we actively involve them in planning activities they’ll relish. From community-wide events like summer fetes and barbecues to professional entertainers, we ensure a variety of experiences to cater to their preferences.


Both Holywell and Broome Park offer 50 furnished rooms, with the option for residents to bring their furniture. Holywell’s rooms come equipped with TVs, and 47 have en-suite facilities, catering to various budget and space needs. They also feature three communal areas, including a library. Broome Park mirrors this setup, providing equally furnished rooms with TVs and flexibility for personal furniture. Room sizes vary to meet diverse preferences and budgets, and communal spaces include three large areas, including a restaurant, fostering social engagement and comfort for residents.


“My 91-year-old mother has been at Holywell Park for nearly two months. The staff and the care they have provided have restored her dignity, mobility and enjoyment in life. All of these had been lost as the result of a short stay in hospital after breaking her pelvis.”

Helen E (Daughter of Resident)

“I have just visited my husband and can see in the last two months how much he has improved. So pleased he now comes downstairs and takes part in activities with the other residents.”

Lynne S (Wife of Resident)

“My wife has been here for the last two weeks. My fear was she would not settle in but due to the care of the nurses, she has settled in. The main thing I have picked up during this time is the empathy of the staff.”

VN (Husband of Resident)

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