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Walden Care Homes

Walden Care currently runs two high-quality senior living care homes located in Surrey and Kent. Our expert care services includes nursing, residential, respite and dementia care. All delivered in a safe, thoughtful, and supportive environment. Both homes are run with the same philosophy:

To provide a safe and joyful life for our residents, provided by a skilled and kind team. 

In order to encompass these core beliefs you can expect you or your loved one to be treated as if they were a part of our own family. They will be listened to and cared for to ensure their individual needs are honoured and all wishes positively considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you regulated?

We are registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the independent regulator of health and social care in England.

What care do you offer?

Our homes offer a range of care services – residentialdementia and nursing care. We understand the changing needs of our residents during their stay with us, so we will ensure we are flexible and can adapt the support and care given. Our ultimate aim is to make sure we do everything we can to enable each resident to remain in the home for as long as possible.

Can we bring in furniture from our loved one’s home?

Yes. We would encourage residents to create a home from home. So we love to see photos, and cherished possessions brought in to make the room feel like theirs. It’s worth noting that all electrical appliances will need to be certified PAT.

What type of funding do you accept?

We accept both local authority and self-funding residents. Some residents may be eligible for a local authority contribution which would need to be topped up by a third party to meet our weekly fee. In the case of top-up, the local authority should pay us for the full cost of care and collect the top-up from you.

We also offer a trial period. During the first 28 days either you or we can end the contract. From Walden Care’s perspective, this ensures we are able to look after your needs in the right way.

After 28 days, should you wish to terminate the contract, we would require 28 days written notice.

What if I’m worried about something, who can I talk to?

Our care home manager or any of the direct team will happily talk to you about any concerns you may have around the care of you or your loved one. Please bring it to our attention quickly and we will attempt to resolve it as quickly as possible.

If your concerns are of serious nature about any aspect of yours or your loved one’s care, please talk to the care home manager immediately who will take steps to put a plan together to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

When am I able to visit?

We love welcoming visitors to our homes during the day. You are welcome to visit the resident in their room or alternatively you are free to make use of our communal lounges. We also encourage family to join their loved one for a meal as well as take residents out of the homes when they can.

Occasionally we may have to make some temporary changes to our visiting hours – we will communicate with you the reasons why and what the changes are.

Our Mission

To continually listen and act, so our residents and staff achieve their own personal goals.

To make every day have meaning and purpose for all.

To treat all we meet with kindness and respect.

To ensure residents, staff and family and friends all feel valued and included at our homes.

To learn and grow, to ensure we always are providing a safe service.

To promote independence and encourage individual choices

Our Values

Provide choice

We aim to be the employer and care needs provider that best meets all your requirements. We aim to ensure all individual choices for residents are met, embraced and celebrated.

Maintain dignity

Our residents will be treated with respect and kindness to ensure they live their lives feeling valued. Their wishes will be noted and honoured.

Ensure inclusion

We welcome diverse residents and staff and continue to learn from each other through mutual respect. Individuals with different identities and backgrounds are welcomed and relied upon to contribute to the team.

Foster independence

We will create positive relationships, ensuring all stakeholders have a sense of belonging. We will use our individual strengths in a way that creates a community.

Our Care

In our homes, 24-hour NMC registered nurses are always on-site, dedicated to meeting all of our residents’ needs, whether known or newly emerging conditions. This skilled nursing team receives strong support from well-trained Senior Carers, Carers, and ancillary staff, ensuring comprehensive care and attention at all times.

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