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Day Care Assistant

Salary: £12.50 (per hour)
Location: Holywell Park
Hours: 34.5/46 hours preferred

As a dedicated Care Assistant, your primary goal is to maintain the highest levels of care for our Service Users by offering support in all aspects of daily living. This encompasses physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, ensuring comfort, dignity, and privacy are preserved. You play a vital role in assisting those with limited mobility or learning difficulties, closely monitoring confused or behaviourally challenging individuals.

Your responsibilities extend to promoting continence, delivering care for those with progressive illnesses, and participating in social activities with Service Users. You answer the Nurse Call system, respond to door and telephone inquiries, and report on the well-being of Service Users. Regular checks on Service Users, provision of refreshments for visitors, and maintaining cleanliness in rooms are integral to your role.

Care for Service Users involves making and changing beds, cleaning and maintaining equipment, and, when applicable, managing their clothing and rooms. During mealtimes, you assist those with swallowing difficulties, dietary requirements, and provide support as needed. Escorting Service Users to social outings and hospital visits demonstrates your commitment to their well-being.

Communication is paramount, with a focus on reporting changes in physical or emotional conditions promptly. Participating in staff and Service User meetings and engaging in continuous training contribute to your professional development. Health and safety considerations include reporting illnesses or accidents, adhering to the Care Centre’s policies, and promptly addressing faulty appliances or potential hazards.

Maintaining confidentiality, ensuring the good reputation of the Care Centre, and upholding security are part of your broader responsibilities. Adherence to company policies, cleanliness, equipment maintenance, and a willingness to undertake additional tasks as assigned contribute to the overall success of the Care Centre. Your commitment to integrity and compassionate care reinforces the trust placed in you by Service Users and their families.