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Servery Assistant

Salary: £11.75 (per hour)
Location: Broome Park
Hours: 34.5/46 hours preferred

As a Kitchen and Dining Assistant, your primary responsibility is to contribute to the overall functioning of the kitchen and dining areas while upholding high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. This role involves setting tables, serving meals to residents, and ensuring the smooth execution of kitchen-related duties. Your key responsibilities include active participation in staff and client meetings, assisting in meal service, and maintaining statutory Health and Safety standards in designated areas.

You will play a crucial role in promoting safe working practices within the Care Centre, safeguarding its reputation and ensuring continuous security. Specific duties include taking meals to residents’ rooms, attending mandatory training sessions, and promptly washing up after meals. Additionally, you will report any incidents, faulty equipment, or potential hazards to the Home Manager, demonstrating a commitment to the implementation of the Care Centre’s Health and Safety policies.

Your personal qualities are vital for success in this role, requiring a strong passion and commitment to Walden Care, its staff, and residents. Your interpersonal skills, tact, and diplomacy will contribute to effective communication and relationship-building within the care community. Furthermore, your ability to empathise, understand diversity and inclusion, and commit time to the role will make you an invaluable member of our team. As a Kitchen and Dining Assistant, you will demonstrate a proactive approach, ensuring all equipment is well-maintained and willingly undertaking any reasonably assigned tasks to contribute to the overall success of the Care Centre.