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10 May 2024

Feedback from a Member of our Team at Holywell Park Nursing Home

Walden Care is family run and the family ethos runs through all we do for residents, staff and families.

These can be easy words to say but for us this can be shown in this feedback from a member of our team at Holywell Park Nursing Home.

 ‘I hope you do not mind me emailing you this however following my Appraisal, I just wanted to reiterate the following.

I can honestly say, I feel so valued and not only by the Team Leaders but the other Carers on shift who are so caring and always looking out for me, working and caring as a team, which I feel privileged to be part of.

The Carers are always checking in with me making sure I am OK, Kitchen Staff look out for me, Management are always approachable and checking in with me. In one conversation with a Carer, I mentioned about living on my own and if I died in my sleep no one would find me (bit dramatic I know!), the Carer now messages me every morning to make sure I am alive! Ha! (not that I asked her too).

Honestly I just wanted to say that I continue to absolutely love working at Holywell, I feel valued and respected and just wanted send this email to highlight what a fantastic team you all are!’