Walden Care’s core values

Our residents are at the heart of everything we do at Walden Care. By providing the right kind of support while respecting their dignity and independence, our homes facilitate a better life.

As a business, we challenge our leadership to inspire our teams and provide them with the training, respect and support they deserve. Because all our carers are valued in their roles, they connect better with our residents and with one another. This is what generates the family atmosphere that’s present in all our care homes.

We believe that if we’re supporting our staff to the best of our ability, then our residents will receive the same level of care and support.


Giving careful consideration to the needs of others at all times is the only way to run a care home.


We understand everyone’s right to feel seen, be heard and to give and receive without judgement.


Together we achieve more. Building solid teams and long-term relationships helps ensure outstanding care.


We listen to what people are actually saying – residents, families, staff, support organisations and the wider community.

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“I don’t need a service, I need a life.”

— A care home resident once said this.
The statement has left a lasting impression on us, and has shaped our approach.