Walden Care Research and Development 

“Changes call for Innovation and Innovation leads to Progress”

Since our inception in March 2017, Walden Care has been committed to innovation within our care, understanding that providing great care involves the conception of better and more effective ways of fulfilling our duties as a nursing home and providing the best service for those that choose to live with us.

Our Mission within Research and Development for Walden Care is to:

  • Always respect the individual

  • Strive to improve everybody’s quality of life

  • To always push the boundaries

  • Develop innovative ways to reduce aggression

  • Improve the longevity of life

  • To lead the market in all we do

We are always seeking to improve every aspect associated with being a care provider. We hold regular team meetings in all homes, where we engage with all team members, and ask for their ideas to see if there is a better way to achieve a goal — whether that be an administrator who has an idea to reduce processing time for a new team member or a chef who has a better way of serving lunch.

We look for advancement in all areas:

  • Building related i.e. colour schemes

  • Systems and IT

  • Nutrition

  • Sound and Music

  • Aural and Visual stimulation

  • Massage

  • Holistic Medicine

  • Pharmacology

  • Psychology/counselling

  • Total person care approach

  • Community related

  • Entertainment

  • Clinical Trials

As a company we are also always interested in what all stakeholders have to say, and any ideas that they think are transferrable or adaptable to the Health and Social Care Sector. We also seek to work with any local institutes of learning that share our passion for moving the industry forward.

“Innovation is a change that unlocks new Value”